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How To Sell Jewelry Online

How long do you intend to hold on to that heirloom your Mom left you? You may think leaving it in a jewelry box increases its value, but jewelry products often get damaged if left unattended for a long time. Letting go of some of the jewelry, especially if the money can come in handy, might be the best thing you could do.

Maybe you are a jeweler. Perhaps you have a team that fashion out jewelry. There is no better time to expand your horizon. Jewelry buyers are increasingly turning to the internet to search for jewelry. Thus, you will be doing yourself a favor if you learn to sell jewelry online. Fret not; selling jewelry online is not as difficult as it appears at first. Sure, you’d have to learn the quirks of your customers and users. Also, if you intend to use any online marketplaces to sell jewelry online, you need to get familiar with them. You need to learn about price quotes, email marketing, and the entire shipping process. One thing is certain, as more users purchase your products, you will be smiling to the bank.

Below you’ll find an extensive conversation on how to sell jewelry online. So, let’s get started!


Why You Should Sell Your Jewelry Online

No doubt, selling jewelry online can be a complicated process.  You need to take care of issues relating to the jewelry products, decide who your jewelry buyers are and the best platform to use. In all, it sure is an arduous process. Why would you go along with it anyway? Here’s the thing, whether you’re selling engagement rings, watches, or diamond rings, there are quite a few benefits to selling online. Below are some of the top reasons why selling your jewelry online is a smart move.


It is a no-brainer that you make money when you sell jewelry online. What is more, the jewelry market has grown over the years. Thus, when you sell jewelry online, you stand the chance of making a lot of money. Sometimes, some pieces of jewelry go for millions of dollars. Of course, they will not all belong to you. However, selling jewelry online gives you a cut of these millions. Furthermore, market prices are often unaffected by the state of the economy. In fact, investing in jewelry is one way to secure one’s investments. As stated above, when you own an online jewelry store, you serve as a middleman and thus get a slice of the pie. Thus, you may want to start your business selling jewelry online and guide each customer on their customer journey.

Making Money Selling Jewelry Online

Ease of Sale

Selling jewelry online is one of the easiest businesses to engage in. The first reason for this is that you do not need to have a lot of experience selling jewelry. In fact, if you own jewelry yourself, you may have garnered the requisite experience without even being aware of it. Furthermore, it is easy to package and sell your products. Jewelry is usually small, so shipping costs will not be exorbitant. Finally, you will not have problems getting customers and suppliers for your online store. Once you have a full and functioning website, you will most likely attract customers easily.


One other reason to go into the online jewelry business is the diversity of jewelry. If you look at any random jewelry product catalog, you will find an assortment of diamond jewelry. To put things in more perspective, just look back and consider how many engagement rings you’ve seen that are made of gold or any other gemstone. Also, jewelry comes in diverse forms. You can sell jewelry in the form of necklaces to anklets, etc. When selling jewelry online, you can make any one of those in your niche area.

How to Sell Jewelry Online

If you are looking for how to sell jewelry online, you have two options. Firstly, you can create your own website and brand and sell your products there. Alternatively, you can decide to use online marketplaces. Jewelers often prefer the latter option because of its relative ease. You can operate your online jewelry business without doing any more than uploading your items to the platform. In each case, the jeweler has to decide the sale price for each product, the direction of the brand, etc.

Whatever option you explore, we bring you the tips to consider when selling jewelry online.

Selling Jewelry Online


Research is indispensable when it comes to setting up your online jewelry store. When it comes to selling jewelry, the standard considerations include the jewelry prices, determination of the carat weight of the products, etc. You may want to employ the services of experts. Experts may include anyone who has been selling jewelry online for a long time.  Users of these online jewelry stores may also offer you the insight you may be unable to get anywhere else.

Find Jewelry Suppliers

You may start your jewelry business by selling your own items online. However, if you want to create a successful business selling jewelry online, you need to liaise with jewelry suppliers. It is important to find the right suppliers. This is because the quality of the products they supply will affect your jewelry sales. It would surely be disappointing to purchase diamond jewelry that’ll turn out to be anything else. So, how do you find the right supplier? The online marketplace could be helpful to you here also. Suppliers often list their expertise on a platform such as Alibaba.

Jewelry Supplier

Set Up Your Store

If you want to start your jewelry business by selling on your website, you need to set up your own platform. This way, users can locate you, make purchases directly on your site, and you’d then take care of shipping, etc., yourself. The first order of business is to decide on the e-commerce builder to settle for. An e-commerce builder automates the process of creating your own website. There are various e-commerce builders you can consider for your online jewelry store. However, before you decide on any e-commerce website, you should consider your budget, the features of the specific one, how it ties into the idea you have for your website, and, finally, if the e-commerce builder has a responsive customer service system. There are quite a few e-commerce platforms out there, including BigCommerce and its many alternatives. Of the whole lot we considered, though, Shopify comes up top. It is one of the e-commerce builders you can trust for building your online jewelry stores.

Decide on a Domain Name

You would also need to decide on a domain name.  A domain name is a unique identifier for your jewelry brand. It is the combination of words your customers will key in to get on your platform. As you can see, choosing the right domain name for your online jewelry business is very important. It gets half of the job done for you. What should you consider while picking a domain name? First, choose a name that reflects the values of your brand. It should be easily recognizable and memorable. This would also be helpful for Search Engine Optimization. Finally, it should be simple and straight to the point.

Domain Name for Jewelry Shop

Top Places to Sell Jewelry Online

Below are a few top online spaces worth considering if you’re looking to jump into the online jewelry business.


Amazon Jewelry Website

Amazon is the darling site for anyone looking to sell any online product. Its online jewelry stores provide an elaborate system for jewelry sales. Furthermore, if your jewelry is best sold in bulk, then Amazon might be the best site for you. There are a few things to note while selling jewelry on Amazon. The first is that a lot depends on the reviews you get from purchasers. Hence, you must make sure that the ratings you get on the platform are mostly positive. Also, Amazon is quite strict when it comes to product quality. Thus, you have the duty of ensuring that you meet the specifications of the site. In all, Amazon is a great site for selling jewelry online if you’d rather not do so on your own website. 

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Cash For Gold USA

Cashforgoldusa offers one of the best retail prices for any of the online marketplaces. Their process is also straightforward. Basically, to start selling jewelry on the Cashforgoldusa website, you fill a form. Afterward, they send you an insured kit for you to ship your items. They offer you a price after evaluating your jewelry. You can either accept or decline the offer at no extra cost. This process does not take much from you. Furthermore, if sorting through jewelry sales is not your thing, Cashforgoldusa is perfect for you. The most stressful thing you’d do will be to package and ship the items. On the downside, Cashforgoldusa may not be ideal for selling items from an expensive jewelry brand.

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Amazon Handmade 

Amazon Handmade Website

Amazon Handmade is another website where you can sell a lot of jewelry online. However, for this e-commerce website, the jewelry all have to be handmade. It is typical to find one-of-a-kind pieces on this site. This reminds you of a pawn shop with its assortment of unique products. However, besides, you stand to make a ton of money selling jewelry this way. Customers who frequent Amazon Handmade usually understand the quality of the products they seek and so are willing to pay good money for them. However, do bear in mind that for this site, you need to pass an assessment test. This is because Amazon Handmade is emphatic that all products meet its standards.

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WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds is a great site to sell diamond jewelry or loose diamonds. Do not be thrown off, though; you can sell even luxury items to them. Selling jewelry is also easy with WP Diamonds. They appraise your items, offer a fair price, and buy the product from you.

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Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane Jewelry Website

Ruby Lane is an online store that doesn’t stop just at selling jewelry. The online store also buys and sells art items, collectibles, etc. To start selling jewelry, you just need to create an account on Ruby Lane and upload your products. Ruby Lane offers helpful tips on pricing to make sure you get the best value for your items on the site. 

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Worthy Website

Worthy is also another online marketplace where you can sell jewelry products of all kinds. However, selling jewelry on Worthy means that you need to set the minimum price for $1,500. Worthy sells your jewelry through an auction, so your items can even go for higher than you planned. One of the attractions with Worthy is flexibility. Worthy also keeps the process hassle-free. Basically, you just get on their website, get an estimate for the items on their website, and then ship your products with the kit they’d send. Worthy then handles everything from this point.

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Etsy Website

Etsy is touted to be one of the best online marketplaces for selling jewelry. It gets millions of active visitors every month. Just like Amazon Handmade, Etsy is a niche site for handcrafted jewelry. Due to the way Etsy is structured, your products have to stand out to attract customers. You can list your items for $0.20. When you start selling jewelry on Etsy, you have the option of renewing after four months. One thing you gain when you sell jewelry on this platform is community. Etsy has a huge community of sellers that offer help to newbies. All things considered, it may not all be hype all you’ve heard about Etsy. You may want to check it out to confirm for yourself. 

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Conclusion: Selling Jewelry Online

From New York City to Hong Kong, a lot of transactions involving jewelry are going on. If you haven’t started yet, you can start your own business selling jewelry to take a piece of the pie. As we have seen, there are two options if you want to sell jewelry online. You either sell on your website or use an online jewelry store. For the latter option, some of the best to consider include Etsy, Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Ruby Lane, and so on. Whatever you choose, it is a win-win either way.

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