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Best Copywriting Courses – 9 Top Rated Options

Looking to improve your writing skills? Want to dive into the world of copywriting? If so, there is a lot out there to learn about copywriting, which is where an online course can help.

Taking online copywriting courses is a great way to improve your writing skills and learn how to create compelling copy. The only question is, what are the best copywriting courses? You’ll want a course that fits your needs and desires and has the training and tools you’re looking for. That’s why we did the research for you and found the best copywriting courses that can help you learn and grow.

The courses below will help you connect with readers and gain experience in the industry, so let’s get started!


Best Copywriting Courses

Sure, there are plenty of books on copywriting out there, but learning from real professionals with thorough courses can push you to the next level you want to be at. Whether you work part-time or full-time as a copywriter, no matter your copywriting goals, these courses will help you make more money without having to work more hours. By gaining information about the copywriting business and learning new techniques related to digital marketing, you’ll be able to better develop your writing, become a better copywriter, and start writing for businesses. 

As a copywriter, you may have to format a landing page, write descriptions for a course, or create content for an online business. Many times, the goal of a copywriter is to make the target audience feel like they’re having a conversation with you. Below are the nine best copywriting courses that will teach you how to create landing pages, work in customer service, and improve your writing skills overall.

1. Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing 


For $15 per month, you can join MasterClass and participate in Malcolm Gladwell’s copywriting course. In Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing, you’ll gain important information about structuring narratives, holding readers, and conducting research.

With 23 educational video lessons that total almost 5 hours, this copywriting course is great for students that like to work at their own pace and those who want to learn more about the business. If you want to improve your bottom line and get more work as a writer, this copywriting course will provide the ultimate experience for you.

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2. VeryGoodCopy


Created by David Ogilvy, VeryGoodCopy is a comprehensive copywriting course that includes blog articles, interviews, and video lessons with information about copywriting. This course is made for content writers that want to learn how to create landing pages, become response copywriters, or write sales pages for a business.

By joining this course and keeping up with the newsletter, you’ll be able to connect with other marketing professionals and generate web copy that leads to more sales. If you’re looking for an email course taught by industry experts, VeryGoodCopy is a great copywriting course for you that people love.

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3. American Writers & Artists


The American Writers and Artists Institute offers copywriting courses that teach students how to become in-demand copywriters. By taking their copywriting course, you’ll learn more about content marketing, copywriting, and social media. Whether you want to create a newsletter for a business or create content for a course like Khan Academy, this course will help you gain the necessary copy writing skills to do so.

If you want to become a copywriter that helps businesses in the marketing world create their web copy, The American Writers and Artists Institute has the perfect copywriting course for you. 

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4. Success Works SEO Copywriting  


SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting is a copywriting course made for writers that want to be SEO certified. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who already knows a lot about SEO, this course will help you expand your knowledge and apply your copywriting skills. 

As a copywriter, SEO is one of the best copywriting skills to have. By learning more about SEO, you’ll be able to create a great landing page, write copy that people love, and create content that improves the marketing strategies of the business that you’re writing for.

By taking this course, you’ll learn about digital marketing, content marketing, how to optimize a blog post, and much more. By becoming SEO certified, you’ll be able to upgrade your copywriting career and get more experience in marketing quickly.

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5. Neville Medhora’s Kopywriting Kourse


Created by Neville Medhora, The Kopywriting Kourse is an online course that teaches students how to write website pages, how to write for social media, and how to become a copywriter full time. If you want a course that teaches you how to create copy related to marketing, this is the best course for you.

This training school is great for anyone interested in businesses or copywriting and is specially made for beginners who want to get more information about the business or gain more experience.

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6. Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting 


Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting by Peep Laja is a free online course that teaches readers how to research before copywriting, create great outlines, and boost conversions. You’ll also learn how to write content that appeals to your target audience in any business.

Whether you want to create landing pages or lead capture forms, this course will help you with list building and much more. Since this is a free course that gives you lifetime access, it’s great for people that want to work at their own pace, learn on a budget, and gain experience from the comfort of their own home.

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7. Copywriting-On-Demand with Len Smith  


In Copywriting-On-Demand, Len Smith shares his valuable copywriting knowledge in a series of video courses that are just $20 each with a money-back guarantee. No matter what kind of copywriter you are, Copywriting-On-Demand is sure to have a video course that fits your level of expertise in the business.

Len Smith’s copywriting classes will help you become a better copywriter, write better sales copy, create email campaigns, and much more. If you like marketing or writing for a particular business, this course has valuable content for you. If you want to land a new copywriting job or improve your copywriting skills quickly, this writing course will help you reach those goals. 

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8. The Creative Copywriter Academy 


The Creative Copywriter Academy offers copywriting courses made to help you get more work. By taking this copywriting course, you’ll learn about new writing techniques, how to pitch to businesses, and how to get someone to hire you as their copywriter.

This is one of the best copywriting courses for those who are looking for more jobs. If you like content marketing or content writing, this course will help you apply your skills and make more money. 

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9. IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing) 


Created by co-founder and director Ian Dodson, The Institute of Digital Marketing offers courses on content marketing and SEO, two of the best copywriting skills to have! These courses range from 10-30 hours long and are great for writers that want to work at their own pace while learning more about how to create copy.

If you want to get your SEO copywriting certification, become a chief copywriter for a business, or do response copywriting, this course is a great pick for you.

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Final Thoughts: Best Copywriting Courses

These copywriting courses will teach you all you need to know about copywriting. Whether you’re into response copywriting or digital marketing, these courses will teach you how to create copy that resonates with a target audience and draws in more readers overall. 

Although writing copy can be a confusing and tedious task, taking a course will help you become a better copywriter and connect with people that love your work. Investing in a copywriting course will also help you learn more about marketing and why people resonate with some forms of copy more than others.

Great for copywriters of any kind, these online courses will transform you from a beginner to an expert in no time. By investing in a course, you’ll be able to create copy that sells, improve your writing skills, and gain experience as a copywriter in the industry.

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