Dabbl Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

There are hundreds of apps and websites available online today for users to earn money and gift cards for filling out surveys, watching videos, viewing ads, and other online activities.

This review will take a look at one such app, known as Dabbl. Like most other “get paid to” sites and survey completion websites, Dabbl allows users to turn their free time into extra cash in the form of electronic gift cards by offering their opinions online.

Keep reading our Dabbl review to learn more about this app, its brand partnerships, reward redemptions, consumer reviews, and other important info you may need to know.

What Is Dabbl?

Dabbl is a market research company based out of Tampa, Florida that was founded in 2015 and is operated under the parent name of Adjoy, Inc.

The Dabbl app allows users to earn rewards in the form of gift cards for offering their opinions and completing offers from various retailers and other brands.

Dabbl App

Dabbl’s mission is to empower the consumer into feeling like a trusted partner rather than simply a target for data collection. According to the brand, Dabbl was created for the consumer to “safely interact with advertisers in a new, fun, and mutually-beneficial way”. 

Is Dabbl Legit?

The Dabbl app is a completely legitimate and safe way to earn some extra cash online for taking surveys, participating in special offers, and completing other tasks online.

Dabbl has a disclosure at the bottom of their official site certifying that they do not “sell, share, or in any way allow access to your personally identifiable data to any third parties”.

Dabbl has been trusted by many great brands such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Conagra, Starbucks, Kellogg’s, and Nestle. These brand partnerships certainly demonstrate that Dabbl is a legit app. There is a separate enterprise platform for brands who want to partner with Dabbl.

Dabbi - Earn Extra Cash Online

Dabbl is active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so be sure to follow them on your social media platforms for various special offers, updates, and other information.

What Do Dabbl App Reviews Say?

Although this money-making app cannot be found on the consumer review website Trustpilot, there are various reviews available online by looking at the different app stores.

On the Google Play store, Dabbl has an app review of 3.9 stars from more than 3,4000 ratings. Positive comments include statements like “This is the only app I would recommend for people looking for easy gift card earning apps” and “the little tasks are quick and painless”. 

On the Apple iTunes store, Dabbl has a similar rating of 4.1 stars across approximately 3,700 reviews and more than 100,000 downloads. Positive reviews include references to Dabbl’s bonus points, daily streaks, and variety of point-earning experiences.

How Does Dabbl Work?

Like the other major consumer-facing platforms created by market research companies, Dabbl works by offering users a way to earn money online while delivering valuable data and insights to brands with who they are partnered with.

Dabbl app users earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Points are earned from completing a variety of tasks that includes everything from viewing an ad, answering a survey, filling out a registration form, signing up for a free trial, or submitting shopping receipts.

How Does Dabbl Work?

Surveys are available from various different partners including Peanut Labs, TapResearch, InBrain, and Pollfish. By teaming up with so many different companies, Dabbl is able to provide users a variety of ways to earn money for different tasks and offers.

Get Started with Dabbl

To get started on Dabbl, all you have to do is download the free app for both Android or iPhone and go through the simple steps of setting up your profile.

App users must be able to provide a verifiable U.S. cell phone number, and there is a minimum age requirement of 13 years old in order to earn rewards on Dabbl.

You can begin earning points with just the basic information of your phone number and birthdate, and other information can be filled in later. The welcome screen will include a few basic offers to help you start earning points while providing a bit more information to help you qualify for more tasks.

Best of all, you will get a deposit of 200 bonus points just for signing up and getting started.

How To Get the Dabbl App

In order to get the free Dabbl app on your cell phone or other mobile device, you will need to visit the app store for your Apple or Android product.

Dabbl - Download from Google Play

You can also access the link to download the Dabbl app for Google Play here and for iTunes here.

Dabbl Rewards

Once you have loaded the app interface, you will see a variety of different tasks to complete including short surveys, special offers, and other tasks like viewing ads. The top portion of the app features a row of premium offers, surveys, and experiences that offer the most earning power.

Dabbl also offers a cash back section that allows you to earn points for verified receipts on eligible products. To make this process even easier, you can also link up your account with various retailers to credit points to your account automatically every time you shop. Participating brands include Target, Amazon, Kroger, Shipt, and Walmart.

Dabbl’s “Refer A Friend” program also offers users a way to refer friends and earn up to 1,000 points per account sign-up. Simply use your unique referral link to share Dabbl with friends and family, and you will receive your reward once they have earned their first 1,000 points on the platform. This referral program allows you to accumulate points with little to no effort.

You can see how many points you have at any given moment by viewing the points counter in the upper righthand corner of the app interface.

How much money can you earn with Dabbl?

Each consumer survey and task completion website will offer a similar level of earning power that is based on the amount of work that you put into it. While no survey site will come close to replacing a full-time income, using this type of app can help put a good chunk of change into your pocket over time.

Dabbi - Earning Points

User comments online are mixed, suggesting that every consumer’s experience will be a little bit different depending on what type of offers they like to complete, their comfort level with completing special offers like free trials, and how many surveys they qualify for with their profile and demographic information.

For some users, there are complaints that earning rewards is slow going, while others rave about the earning potential of the app. On the plus side, Dabbl offers a wide range of ways to earn points, so for dedicated users who don’t mind doing more complicated tasks, the earning potential can be much higher and they can expect to receive good money from their Dabbl points.

How to Redeem Rewards on Dabbl

Redeeming money on Dabbl is simple and involves simply clicking on the “Redeem Points” option in the earnings section. The earnings section can be accessed anytime by clicking on your points balance in the upper righthand corner of the app. 

On Dabbl, all points are translatable into e gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Ulta, and Target. Reward redemptions start at just $5 or 5,000 points.

In order to complete your first redemption for a gift card, you will need to verify your phone number first in order to authenticate your account. In addition, you will need to provide the company with your full name and email address. Your gift card will be delivered via email in the form of a digital gift card that can be used online as well as in-store. Gift cards have no expiration dates and can be used any time.

Dabbl Customer Service

The trusted Dabbl brand offers several ways for both consumers and brands to get in touch. Good customer service is critical for a good user experience, and Dabbl delivers in this area.

Users of the app can contact the Dabbl customer support team anytime by emailing or by accessing the online chat feature during business hours. The chat feature is available from 9am – 6pm EST on Monday through Friday.

In addition, businesses and brands interested in partnering with Dabbl can contact the enterprise team here to start a live chat or book a demo.

Lastly, a selection of FAQs can be accessed here in order to help provide answers to commonly asked questions without the need to contact the support team.

How does Dabbl Compare?

There are tons of survey apps and websites out there; from Crowdtap to Zap Surveys, the list goes on and on. So, what sets Dabbl apart from the rest that makes it worth the download?

The Dabbl difference includes the ability to choose which brands you wish to interact with online, and a beautiful and straightforward app that is fun and easy to use as you complete tasks.

Dabbi - Choose Your Brand and Connect

One other unique thing about Dabbl is their bonus points system for cashing out your rewards at higher amounts. For example, if you wait and redeem your points at 25,000 points ($25) you will receive a bonus amount of 1200 points, and if you wait and redeem your points at 50,000 points ($50) you will receive a bonus amount of 2800 points. This system helps you earn extra money with no extra effort required.

Dabbl also has a unique “Streak” feature that rewards active users with a 5-15% bonus on all point earnings with consistent app usage. For example, if you log on 4 days in a row, you will automatically begin to receive a 5% bonus on all of your points, and if you reach 30 consecutive days of activity, you will earn a 15% bonus on your points. You must click the “check-in” button each day in order to track your activity and jumpstart your Dabbl Streak.

One of the best features of using the Dabbl app is the variety of ways to earn money from Dabbl partners. The Dabbl app offers everything from viewing digital advertising, answering surveys, playing games, watching short videos, downloading apps, and more.

Most sites and other apps do not offer a way to gain cash back from everyday purchases as Dabbl does. So if you are looking for a multi-functional app, Dabbl definitely delivers.

On the other hand, many users have commented in online Dabbl app reviews that it is fairly slow to earn points and gift cards with Dabbl. Thankfully, the app also allows for fairly low redemption levels, with gift cards beginning at just 5,000 points or $5.

Another downside for some is that the company only offers an app, so if you were hoping to engage with a survey site from your computer, Dabbl is not able to deliver in this area.

Final Verdict: Dabbl Review

In conclusion, when you are looking for a website to earn some extra cash, Dabbl is an excellent option. 

Dabbl really stands out from the pack of different survey companies for its unique consumer interface via the app which makes the survey experience engaging and fun. In addition, its variety of tasks to complete, unique Dabbl features, and its various options for earning bonus points set Dabbl apart. So while there are many online survey providers to choose from, if you can only invest your time in 1 or 2 of them, Dabbl should definitely be at the top of your list.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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