Opinion Outpost Review – Make Money By Taking Surveys

In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of new ways for people to make cash. You can scan your receipts, play video games, and even do surveys. 

All of these opportunities sound great. You can get cash just from sitting around the house. But be warned with any of these options, your chances of striking it rich or even paying the rent with them are pretty slim. 

It’s a few bucks here and there that you can redeem either for a gift card with select retailers or for a PayPal deposit. Nonetheless, of the survey options out there, Opinion Outpost is one of the better options. 

They have higher payouts and a generally nice user experience. Is it worth it to spend your time doing a survey on Opinion Outpost? Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a survey platform that pays participants for each survey they complete. It’s pretty straightforward. You set up a profile and then start doing surveys. Each survey is worth a different amount of points.

After you’ve collected enough of them, you can redeem a reward. Unlike other platforms, there is a little bit more going on here. 

Opinion Outpost Badges

For instance, Opinion Outposts has badges. These badges help set you apart from other users to make you an attractive candidate to receive invitations to participate in certain surveys. 

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The Importance Of Your Profile

One thing that will frustrate anybody hoping to log on and get started, is how complicated the profile setup is. You begin with a simple signup, which is quick and easy. 

Opinion Outpost Signup

But then the fun really begins. Before you can do any survey, you have to complete your profile. And this takes time. There are 10+ sections you have to answer. It’s like your own mini survey. 

Opinion Outpost has a reason for this. The more complete your profile is, the better it can match you with suitable surveys and provide more data to the people conducting them. 

In short, you want to be as detailed as possible to maximize the number of surveys you’ll get. 

How Does Opinion Outpost Make Money? 

Opinion Outpost makes their money a few different ways. First, they get paid by market research companies who need data. That’s how they can pay you. 

But then you may notice that you only have the option to redeem points through one of their corporate partners. There is no way to actually get direct cash. The closest is through either PayPal or Visa. 

Opinion Outpost gets money from these partnerships. They also provide your data to their ad partners. 

It’s honestly a bit of a privacy nightmare. But you can actually change what data is collected about you in the privacy settings. If you have concerns, contact them directly at

How Does The Survey Process Work?

After signup and finishing your profile, you’ll see a dashboard with your points and survey offers. Once available, you’ll see the “Take a Survey” button. 

This is the main way you’ll access surveys other than email offers you receive daily. 

Opinion Outpost Dashboard

But there is a catch. Before you take any survey, you have to answer a short set of multiple-choice questions. These are used to “enhance the experience” and make sure you are the right fit for the survey. 

If you pass this step, then you’ll finally be able to take the surveys and get the points. 

Opinion Outpost Rewards

You can start redeeming payment quickly. Amazon offers the lowest threshold. With 50 points, you can get an Amazon e-voucher. 

Opinion Outpost Rewards

Other rewards redeemable from 100 points ($10) include: 

  • PayPal payments
  • Apple gift card: 
  • Retail gift cards from Nike, Target, Home Depot (this changes periodically) 
  • Visa prepaid cards 

Demographic Determines Success

Again, what you say in your profile matters. This is what will determine whether you’re of interest to survey creators or not. 

So, try to find ways to make your profile as expansive as possible. For example, even if video games aren’t one of your top five hobbies but you still occasionally enjoy them, then list it. This will give you opportunities in the niche. If you ever do feel like a survey isn’t the fit for you, there’s no pressure to complete it. 

How Long Does An Opinion Outpost Survey Take? 

You know how you have that friend who is always “five minutes away,” though it’s usually more like 30+ minutes? That’s how you should consider the projected survey times 

Looking at average user reviews, a 1-minute survey tends to take 5-10 minutes. And “20-minute” surveys can last almost an hour! 

Of course, it’s down to you. If you’re a fast reader and start becoming a survey pro, you might be able to get these times down. 

How Much Does Opinion Outpost Pay?  

Again, it’s up to you. If you can move quickly and have a profile that attracts a lot of interest, you can have some earning potential. But remember, it’s all relative. 

Opinion Outpost claims you can average $10/hour. In reality, it can be much, much less. 

10 points are roughly worth a dollar. Most people can complete a couple of surveys per hour at most. That means you might be looking at more like $1.50 an hour, which definitely makes it a less attractive proposition for how to spend your time. 

Is Opinion Outpost Worth It? 

We breakdown how Opinion Outposts stacks up against their competitors below. Our issue isn’t so much with them. As far as survey options go, they are one of the better ones. 

But this way of money is not sustainable. If you’re just hanging out on the couch and want to make a little pocket change, then go for it. But even if you do somehow manage to get up to Opinion Outpost’s claimed $10/hour rate, you can make money out of a proper side hustle instead. 

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Opinion Outpost Pros

  • Easy to use 
  • Can redeem after just 50 points 
  • Relatively transparent about how they use your data 
  • Can make a little money if your spare time
  • Clean and simple user interfaces 
  • Emails give you more opportunities to take surveys 

Opinion Outpost Cons

  • Take a long time to set up your profile 
  • Not a great way to earn lots of cash 
  • Have to do a questionnaire that may disqualify you before every survey 
  • Can’t directly get cash. Must be through PayPal. 

Tips To Help You Earn The Most On Opinion Outpost

  1. Complete as much of your profile as possible with highly detailed information
  2. Keep a close eye on survey opportunities in your email
  3. Aim for as many badges as you can
  4. Take surveys often
  5. Refer friends 
  6. Try not to disqualify yourself during the pre-screening process by making yourself an interesting candidate. We’re not saying lie; just be open and flexible in your responses.  

Opinion Outpost vs. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey-taking sites. It’s very similar to Opinion Outpost, including using a point system and redeemable gift cards. The one advantage it really has over Opinion Outpost is the mobile app, so you can do surveys from anywhere. 

Opinion Outpost vs. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is the other huge name in surveys. The biggest advantage it offers is how many survey opportunities there are. At the same time, it’s also pretty easy to get disqualified. It also offers a wide set of awards compared to other options. 

Overall, you’ll find many of these survey-taking platforms to be quite similar. But the three platforms we’ve mentioned here have the best user experiences, so check them out and see which works best for you. 

Opinion Outpost Review: Good Survey Platform, Not Best Use of Time

As far as survey platforms go, Opinion Outpost is quite solid. Once your profile is complete, it’s easy to take surveys, earn points, and redeem. But as far as ways to make money go, there are countless better options out there. 

Overall Rating: 3.38 out of 5

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