Survey Voices Review – Can This Site Help You Make Money?

Over the past few months, we’ve been reviewing the different paid survey opportunities out there. They definitely range from the good to the bad and to mostly meh. To be honest, they are all pretty similar and have the same main pros and cons. 

On the positive side is the most obvious advantage. Each of them connects you with opportunities to take surveys and make some cash. But, on the downside, you’re not going to make much. Basically, any other thing you can do will probably earn your more money. 

So, why do we even mention them? First, we want to dissuade you against spending your time doing surveys. You’re better off selling things online, marketing a freelance skill or finding other ways to earn cash.  

Still, if you’re just sitting around the couch and not doing much of anything, they are an easy way to make a few bucks. You won’t make rent with it, but you might be able to pay your monthly electric bill. 

In this review we’ll take a look at Survey Voices and see how it measures up. It’s not actually a survey site but an aggregate that connects likely to platforms you’ve ever tried. 

Is it worth it to sign up for Survey Voices? Believe it or not, maybe. Here’s why. 

What Is Survey Voices? 

Survey Voices is a survey aggregate. This means you don’t actually take surveys there, but they connect you with other opportunities. 

Why wouldn’t you just go straight to the survey sites? There are a few advantages, actually. First, they connect with a few sites you might not have heard of, like VIP Voice and iSay. 

Survey Voices Top Match

But second, Survey Voices allows you to skip the middleman and jump more quickly into taking surveys since you’ve already completed some basic personal information with them. 

Ironically, this can be a great way to get into some Swagbucks surveys you might not have if you just used the platform directly. 

Is Survey Voices Legit? 

It is, but barely. Pay attention as you set up your account. It’s easy to opt-in to marketing calls and spam. 

Likewise, they may connect you to survey sites that aren’t always on the up and up. 

We highly recommend, for this reason, that you use an alternative email address and consider a Skype number instead of your real one during the sign-up process. 

How To Use Survey Voices

It’s actually really easy. Sign up on their site is super straight forward. Unlike other sites, they don’t need too much detail—although they will request some personal information, including your phone number, address and date of birth. 

Survey Voices Sign Up

From here, you’ll do a short “Qualifying Survey,” which helps them to match you to the right survey platforms based on your profiles. 

We highly recommend keeping an open mind for these questions, so you open yourself up to as many opportunities as possible. For example, they will ask if you have kids. Even if you don’t think you’ll have kids in a million years, you should select the option that “you’re thinking about it.” 

Why? Many surveys are looking for parents or prospective parents, and you never know when you’re changing your mind in change. Some surveys even want people who are on the fence as it gives them a better spectrum of data to analyze. 

Survey Voices Qualifying Survey

How Much Money Can You Make With Survey Voices? 

Survey Voices is just an aggregate site. They only link you with other opportunities. So, there’s really no set amount you can make there. 

It all depends on the survey platform that you do end up going with. And this is definitely a complaint because if you spread yourself across different platforms, it’s harder to rack up redeemable rewards. 

What You Could Earn With Survey Voices

In research we conducted while evaluating Opinion Outpost, one of the more reputable sites, they claimed you could earn $10/hour doing surveys. 

Sounds okay. Definitely not great. In reality, we found it to be closer to $1.50/hour. 

Should You Use Survey Voices? 

We’re inclined to say maybe…not. The advantage is they can connect you with other opportunities you might not have seen from using one of the bigger platforms. 

But there are reasons you might not have come across them. Sometimes, these are unpaid or only available for a small number of people. 

Plus, you end volunteering your data to yet another intermediary when you use Survey Voices and with so much spam content there, it’s only a matter of when and not if you’ll have your identity stolen. 

Is Survey Voices Safe? 

This leads directly to our main issue with Survey Voices. Survey Voices itself is okay. It is spammy, and a lot of content will just be promotional, but they won’t do anything bad with your personal information. 

However, it is connected to spam sites, and if you unknowingly click on one of them and conduct a survey, you don’t just risk not getting paid, but having your data fall into the hands of a cybercriminal. 

How To Make The Most Money With Survey Voices

If you do opt to use Survey Voices, then we recommend going into it with open eyes. First, use a dummy email address and the same with the phone number. 

Next, leverage the opportunities it creates on platforms you already have a strong presence on. For example, if you use Swagbucks and Survey Junkie often, then use Survey Voices to go in through the backdoor to unlock surveys you might not have found otherwise. 


This is the best way to use Survey Voices to create more earning opportunities on the sites that are actually legit. 

Is Survey Voices Worth It? 

No. No survey platform is worth your time. Even if you become a pro survey taker, you’ll only be able to earn a few dollars an hour. 

The best you can hope for is getting involved with serious academic or medical studies where they do actually compensate quite nicely. That’s why if you’re going to use an aggregate tool, we recommend Survey Club, which can actually help you find more of these opportunities. 

But we recommend channeling this energy into other pursuits. Dropshipping, investing, and other activities are such a better way to earn. 


  • Quick sign up 
  • Emails survey opportunities 
  • Links to other platforms 
  • Can find surveys on platforms you already use but didn’t know about
  • Some market research opportunities 


  • No direct surveys on site 
  • Can be very spammy both in their emails and sites they connect to 
  • You still have to do qualifying surveys on other sites
  • A lot are unpaid surveys, and that’s easy to miss
  • Doesn’t have a lot of connected sites 

Survey Voices Alternatives

It depends on whether you want to directly go to a survey platform or look for another aggregate. 

In terms of platforms, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are the leaders for a reason—they are legit, relatively safe, and do provide real payouts. There’s also Opinion Outpost and

For aggregates, we like Survey Club. Here’s why: 

What Is Survey Club? 

Survey Club

Survey Club is a much better aggregate. First, it’s a lot less spammy. Yes, you do need to pay attention to the sites you visit, but unlike Survey Voices, you don’t have to watch out that every click means you’ve opted into some spam. 

Survey Club also has a much larger network of survey providers, meaning you have many more chances to answer. Finally, they actually index opportunities so you can find the best one for any given time. 

Do you have five minutes? Here’s a quick one. The same goes for longer amounts of time. Overall, we recommend skipping Survey Voices and just heading to Survey Club instead. 

Survey Voices Review: The Bottom Line

Survey Voices connects you to paid survey opportunities. But it’s quite spammy and doesn’t have an extensive offering. Save your time and your personal data and opt for one of their competitors instead. 

Overall Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Patrick Compton

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