PrizeRebel Review – Can You Earn Extra Bucks By Answering Surveys?

Online survey sites are a great way to earn extra cash and/or gift cards by simply filling out surveys online and providing consumer research companies with feedback using your opinions. These kinds of survey sites are a popular way to earn a few extra bucks when you’re in the market for a side hustle.

There are dozens of legitimate survey sites out there to choose from, so you might be wondering which ones are the best for you to try. Most people have heard of the major names like Swagbucks, but other lesser-known sites like PrizeRebel can be just as lucrative. 

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So, let’s take a deeper look at how PrizeRebel works, how to earn rewards, and how it compares to other popular survey sites around the web in this PrizeRebel review!

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a survey provider that collects consumer data from users in exchange for a variety of points-based rewards. In addition to paid surveys, users can earn extra points from completing simple online tasks.

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PrizeRebel has been around for many years and has attracted more than 11 million members since its inception in 2007. The site is owned and operated by iAngelic, Inc. a market research company based out of Nevada. 

Is PrizeRebel Legit?

When you’re choosing where to spend your extra time making money online, you first want to make sure that the survey site you are using is safe and legitimate. No one wants to spend their time taking online surveys or completing tasks only to find out there is no way to actually cash out and the site was not a legit site. Thankfully, PrizeRebel is a completely legitimate and trustworthy website to earn reward points for completing opinion surveys that can be turned into gift cards or cash payments.

Unfortunately, the company is not BBB accredited, and currently has a rating of F on the BBB website. There have been 2 official complaints in the last 3 years. This could be a sign that you may encounter some issues when using the site, although most PrizeRebel users should have a perfectly normal experience.

How Does PrizeRebel Work?

Like many other survey sites, PrizeRebel rewards users for giving their opinion on various topics by completing surveys and allows users to exchange those points for gift cards or cash. 

PrizeRebel also allows its users to complete additional offers, raffles, contests, videos, and daily challenges for more ways to earn points. You can also participate in its referral program to earn up to 30% of your friend’s points. This can be a very quick and easy way to earn more points and make money simply by sharing your unique referral link.

How does PrizeRebel work

The PrizeRebel offer wall is a unique way to earn bonus points by engaging with brands and advertisers. Some offers cost money to complete, such as signing up for a subscription. Other offers are entirely free and include app installs, website clicks, and info submissions.

PrizeRebel allows you to cash out your points directly into a PayPal reward. The site also features gift cards from more than 500 top brands including Amazon, iTunes, Disney, and more.

PrizeRebel community members must be located in either the United States, UK, Canada, or Australia in order to qualify for and complete surveys. However, anyone can join PrizeRebel and create a worldwide membership. If you are located elsewhere, there are still other ways you can earn PrizeRebel points on the site besides taking surveys.

How To Get Started On PrizeRebel

To get started, simply sign up by creating a PrizeRebel account using either your email address or your Facebook account. It is completely free to sign up on PrizeRebel. This process should take less than a couple of minutes. Once you’ve verified your account, you can get started earning points on the website.

PrizeRebel Sign-Up

You can earn your first 10 points by filling out your profile questionnaire. This short survey includes questions about your education level, location, job status, and more. Having a completed profile allows you access to more survey opportunities.

The site has a very comprehensive YouTube channel with tutorials and other videos explaining different aspects of the site and how to get started. 

How To Earn Points And Gift Cards On PrizeRebel

When you log in to PrizeRebel and click on the “Earn” tab, you will be shown a list of surveys with the number of points and the estimated time required to complete them. There are 4 different subheadings to choose from, each with their own list of available surveys to take: OpWorld, YourSurveys, PeanutLabs, and Gold. If you have completed all of the surveys listed in one heading, you can simply click on another to find more survey opportunities. 

PrizeRebel surveys are plentiful, detailed, and fairly easy to complete. Some surveys have a higher earning potential for a limited time. Surveys pay on average between 25-100 points and payouts start at just 500 points for a $5 Amazon gift card or $5 cash via PayPal. Occasionally, there may be rewards for even less points, such as a $2 iTunes gift card for just 200 points. This means that you should be able to redeem your points fairly quickly after just a short time on the site completing offers and taking multiple surveys. You can see your account balance (the number of earned points) at any time in the top right hand corner of the site.

In addition, PrizeRebel has an account level system. Each level results in different benefits including a higher referral bonus, a monthly bonus on your earnings, and a prize discount. The lowest level is Bronze, which is the default level when you first sign up. After you reach 1,000 points you will be categorized as Silver. 4,500 points gets you to the Gold account level, 10,000 designates you as Platinum, and at 16,000 and above you will be classed as Diamond. At the Diamond level, you will receive 30% of all referral points, automatic prize processing, a 3% monthly bonus, and a 3% prize discount. These tiered levels are meant to reward those who spend the most time and effort dedicated to the PrizeRebel site.

To redeem your PrizeRebel points, simply visit the Rewards tab and select the gift card rewards or cash rewards that you are interested in. You can choose from PayPal cash or a variety of gift card brands to shop online.

How Much Money Can You Earn On PrizeRebel?

So how much money can you expect to earn on PrizeRebel? Like other survey sites, this depends on how much time and effort you put into the program. It seems that you will have the ability to earn a decent amount of cash due to the extra features of PrizeRebel like watching videos and completing extra challenges and offers. There is a very large number of surveys available on the site, so if you dedicate your time to completing them all, you should be able to make at least $50 per month. There is always a potential to earn more by completing daily points challenges and bonus offers, as well as reaching the Gold level or higher with your account.

PrizeRebel Rewards

How Does PrizeRebel Compare To Other Survey Sites?

There are tons of other survey sites out there, from Swagbucks to Zap Surveys and more. When it comes to PrizeRebel, there are some pros and cons when compared to other survey sites. In the end, whether or not to invest your time in PrizeRebel or elsewhere is going to come down to personal preferences. In general, PrizeRebel is a good survey site, but some sites may be a better fit for you.

For starters, PrizeRebel surveys are of varying lengths and difficulties. However, most surveys on the site consist of several pages and will take upwards of 5-10 minutes to complete. This can be considered to be a bit too tedious for some, who are used to quicker and shorter surveys.

In addition, surveys typically open in a new tab and run on various platforms making the site not as user-friendly or fun to use as other survey sites such as Crowdtap.

Lastly, PrizeRebel surveys often include a series of screener questions before being taken to the main survey. These extra questions can potentially disqualify you for the main survey, and essentially waste your time since you aren’t getting points for them. Other times, you may receive a message saying, “Quota Full” if the survey has already reached the maximum number of participants needed. You will only know you have completed a survey when you reach the “Thank You” page.

One plus side of PrizeRebel is that the company sends users frequent email reminders about new surveys and other prize earning opportunities. 

Another positive about PrizeRebel is the fact that there are more choices for the prizes to be earned and you can even earn cash directly through PayPal. Many survey sites do not offer this option, making PrizeRebel a popular choice. 

Customer feedback about PrizeRebel from across the web is mixed.

PrizeRebel Online Reviews

The site has both positive and negative reviews on the consumer review website Trustpilot, and the company has not registered with to respond to complaints, but overall has a 3.8.

PrizeRebel Customer Feedback

Bad reviews include complaints about certain surveys not paying out or being disqualified after answering several pages of survey questions. Positive comments include praises for the number of available surveys to take and the variety of reward choices to redeem.

Some users say that compared to other survey sites, it takes longer to earn points and get paid with PrizeRebel. That being said, several reviews mention that they have made upwards of $100 on the site. So if you are looking for the ability to easily earn extra money online, PrizeRebel still delivers.

PrizeRebel Customer Service

PrizeRebel has a comprehensive support portal with answers to many frequently asked questions. This section helps explain many of the extra features of PrizeRebel such as the offer wall, daily challenges, and contests. There is also an online web form to contact customer service directly and submit a request about your specific issue. 

Additionally, a phone number for PrizeRebel is listed online as (626) 782-5857. 

Final Verdict: PrizeRebel Review

In summary, while PrizeRebel is a verifiable, legitimate way to earn some extra cash or gift cards, there are other sites that are perhaps a better use of your time. Surveys with PrizeRebel can be a bit tedious to complete, but the ability to get paid via PayPal may make the extra work well worth it for some survey site users. In the end, what makes a company a great survey site can be a bit subjective, and you may want to give a few different survey websites a try in order to find which one gives you the most success.

Overall Rating: 3.7 out of 5

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