LifePoints Review – Taking Surveys To Make Money

If you like taking surveys to make money, you might have considered giving LifePoints a shot. While there are tons of survey websites and apps out there, not all survey sites are worth your time. You might be wondering how LifePoints works, what the pros and cons are of using it, how it compares to other websites, and if you should give LifePoints a shot. 

So you’ve come searching for the answer, and lucky for you, this LifePoints review has that answer for you.

LifePoints Review

How Does LifePoints Work?

LifePoints (or LifePoints panel) is a website that pays you to take surveys as well as allows you to earn money by entering prize drawings and competitions.

LifePoints works with companies that need consumer feedback data. These companies pay LifePoints to administer the surveys, and you get a cut of that for taking the survey. 

To sign up, you will need to provide your name and email address. Once you sign up and verify your email, LifePoints will ask you questions about yourself, such as how many people you live with, your relationship to them, your ethnicity, your yearly income, and more. They do this to effectively decide which surveys you would most likely qualify for since you need to qualify to take them. 

By using the LifePoints websites, you accumulate points that you can eventually redeem for gift cards. What your points are worth will depend on what gift card you redeem. Some gift cards require more points than others. You can expect to make about 20 to 100 points per survey. That’s about 16 cents to 83 cents a survey. Most surveys range from 10 to 40 minutes to complete.

People aged 16 and up can use the website. LifePoints is available globally, and they offer surveys in 26 different languages. 

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The Pros Of Using LifePoints

Now that you know how LifePoints works, you’re likely wondering what the pros are of using it. Keep reading for the answers to your question. 

Easy To Use

The LifePoints website is easy to use. Taking surveys is an easy way to make money as it doesn’t require a ton of skill. The website design is simple as well, which adds to the ease of use since it is easy to navigate. 

Short Survey Time

The average survey time is quite short compared to other survey companies (10 minutes on average), which means that you won’t be spending as much time per survey to get the same amount of pay.

The Pay

While LifePoints isn’t necessarily known to be one of the survey sites to pay the most, the pay isn’t bad considering the amount of time spent. First, you get 10 points just for signing up, and another 10 points for verifying your email. Additionally, many times you can take a survey that’s worth 100 points. 

To cash out for a PayPal gift card that is worth $5, you only need 600 points. That means if you did one survey a day for 100 points, you could make $5 in 6 days. In terms of hours spent, you’d probably spend around 2 hours total over those six days completing surveys. That’s quite good compared to other apps that require you to spend 40 minutes completing a survey for 25 cents. With LifePoints, you can spend 20 minutes to get around 80 cents to a dollar. 

If you play your cards right, you’ll get more bang for your buck by taking surveys on the LifePoints website.

More Than One Way To Earn Points

Many survey websites/apps only allow you to make money by taking surveys. LifePoints is a bit more versatile in that it will enable you to earn money by entering into various prize drawings as well as competitions. For instance, you can enter a “Facebook Prize Draw” to get a chance to win $25 worth of LifePoints. 

Multiple Ways To Redeem Points

There are multiple ways to redeem your points, which gives you more options on how you want to get paid. You can cash out via PayPal, Gift Card, or eGift Card (for Amazon lovers).

LifePoints Rewards

You also have the option of donating to the charity on the LifePoints website. As of now, you can donate to the Special Olympics charity. 

LifePoints Donate To Charity

Good Amount Of Surveys

LifePoints does offer a decent amount of surveys each day, and they will email you with invitations to fill out surveys. With that said, though, there are websites that offer more surveys. 

The Cons Of Using LifePoints

Now that you know the pros, it’s time to address the cons of LifePoints.

No Referral Program

Some survey websites/apps offer a referral program where you can get paid for having people sign up. LifePoints doesn’t have that, which takes away a possibly significant stream of revenue. 

Website Glitches

LifePoints is known to have website glitches. Sometimes surveys won’t show up at all on your Dashboard. Sometimes the website will say you have completed all of the surveys for the day even when you haven’t completed any. 

There have also been numerous bad reviews online. Some people complain about not being able to get their money out or their payouts being canceled mid-shipment. Others complain about their accounts getting shut down randomly without warning. And some have been shut out midway through taking a survey without compensation for the time they spent.

All of these issues could be a severe deterrent to someone considering using LifePoints. 

Lack Of Customer Support

As if the website issues weren’t bad enough, there is also no real sense of customer service. The website has a help center answering FAQ, but if something happens to your account, or you can’t access your money, the lack of customer service could be a problem. 

You can “leave a note” or “start a chat,” but both require you to simply submit the information about your problem. There is no one directly available to chat with, so you will have to wait for your inquiry to be answered in the order that it is received. There is also no email provided to follow up on your inquiry.

Once again, some of these “glitches” could result in you not getting your money. And there is no estimated timeframe on when your inquiry will be addressed on the website either. This could become extremely frustrating. 

No App

Unlike other survey companies that have apps, LifePoints does not. They only have a website, which reduces the versatility in how you use it. Some people like to take surveys while doing things like waiting in line at the grocery store. Not everyone is at home all of the time, so the lack of an app limits when you can take surveys.

Slow Payout

Some survey companies process payout within two business days. With LifePoints, you have to wait 8-10 business days. Therefore, if you don’t want to wait so long to get your payout, LifePoints might not be for you.

Unclear Value Of Points

Some survey companies work with currency instead of points. That way, you can see how much a survey is truly worth. With LifePoints, the value of the points remains somewhat unclear. While you can get a general idea, the points aren’t worth the same thing every time. 

Sometimes you can redeem one gift card for fewer points than another one even though they are the same dollar amount. For those who like clarity on how much money they are getting from taking a survey, a points-based survey website might not be for you.

Points Expire Overtime

With LifePoints, your points are not permanent. They only last three years and may expire sooner if you are inactive. If you are the kind of person who wants to only take a survey from time to time, this could be an issue for you because LifePoints expects you to be active.

Not As Versatile As Other Survey Websites

While LifePoints does give you the option to enter prize drawings and the occasional competition, it’s still not as versatile as other survey websites. Some survey websites also allow you to make money by watching videos, shopping, playing games, and surfing the web. 

Is LifePoints A Scam?

Sometimes people wonder if LifePoints is a scam. The answer is: no, it is not a scam. They legitimately pay you for market research. However, whether it’s worth it to you to use is another story. While LifePoints does offer decent pay (relative to other survey apps) for the amount of time it takes to complete a survey, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to get your money out due to technical issues. The number of technical problems that occur on the site can be a significant hassle. 

If you want to give it a shot to see if you can use it without technical issues, that’s understandable considering the short-survey time is appealing to many. 

However, there are also other survey websites/apps that you might want to try out instead. 

What Can You Use Instead Of LifePoints?

If you are feeling hesitant about using LifePoints, but still want to make money taking surveys, you are in luck! There are other survey companies out there with better reputations.

If you like the idea of a point system, but want a more reliable website, go with SurveyJunkie. They offer plenty of surveys and pay, on average, $1-$3 per survey. They also have an app!

If you want to earn your money in US currency instead of points, Vindale Research is a good option. The company has been around for over a decade. They also have a good reputation for paying a decent chunk of change for specific surveys (sometimes up to $50). 

If you are looking for more variety concerning the way you make money, give InboxDollars or Swagbucks a try. Both of these are highly-rated and popular amongst survey-takers. What makes them stand out is that they offer several ways to earn money (aside from taking surveys), which includes watching videos, playing games, and referring friends. Both have apps as well.

The Bottom Line: LifePoints

What makes LifePoints appealing is its short survey time. You also get compensated quite well for the amount of time it takes you to finish the surveys. However, with all of the website glitches and lack of customer support, you may want to proceed with caution. You have other options for survey companies if you’d prefer one that you can access from an app. Or if you want a website that pays more and is more reliable. While you won’t get rich from taking surveys, you can make a little extra spending cash. Now, start taking some surveys!

Overall Rating: 3.48 out of 5
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