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How to Make 200 Dollars Fast – Get Cash in Your Pocket

We all hit a rough patch every once in a while. Maybe you are overwhelmed by your student loans, or your bank account is red. Whatever the situation, you may be looking for how to quickly make a few extra bucks, like 200 dollars.

First off, being low on cash is nothing to be ashamed of. You are only one in several hundred people who have no access to quick cash when they need it. Furthermore, it is possible to earn money online fast. However, if you intend to make extra quick money, you must provide a good or service -except if you are looking for an illegitimate way to make extra cash.

This article discusses some of the best ways to make 200 dollars on your own schedule without stressing yourself too much. One other great thing is that most of these suggestions are online. Making money can be as easy as registering on a site and offering your services where you get paid periodically.

You can even engage in it as a side gig to generate passive income, which means it would not distract you from your current job. You can work in your free time. Let’s dive in further, though, so you can learn all the tips and tricks we have for how to make 200 dollars fast!

Hundred Dollar

What Can You Do With 200 Dollars?

In discussing ways to make money, the emphasis is usually on the amount. Generally, the more money you make on the side, the better for you. In the grand scheme, $200 may not be a lot of money. Thus, there might be no need to learn how to make 200 dollars fast.

You must realize, however, that a little extra income does not hurt. Whether it is $20, $200, or $2000, it is essential to know how to make and save money and, conversely, to learn how to ensure that the money is invested wisely. It will grow into a sizable sum if you manage your money well and do not spend it all on monthly bills.

In any case, what would 200 dollars do for you?

Bills and Coins

Contribute to Your Savings Goal

First, if you do not have a plan for saving money, you are wrong. Fostering and nurturing healthy financial habits is indispensable in this age and time. If you cannot account for your money, you’d find it difficult to account for anything else.

However, beyond that, $200 could help boost your savings goal. People who look for ways to make money asides from their primary income are often particular about their savings. Hence, an extra 200 dollars will make things much easier in this case.

Sponsor a Trip

Depending on how frugal you are, 200 dollars might be enough to fund a trip. Ideally, it has to be something small – maybe within your state. People are increasingly finding road trips exciting. In such a situation, you would spend just on fuel and food. Two hundred dollars should be more than enough to ensure that that is taken care of. It would be unwise to make money only to splurge it on a fanciful road trip.

Go on a Picnic

A picnic might be the last thing on your mind while thinking about ways to make 200 dollars fast. However, they offer an inexpensive way of having fun. Planning a picnic with a friend or family is an excellent option if you want a kind and thoughtful gesture. As stated, a picnic typically does not require a lot of money from you. Also, one other benefit is that you get to bond with others.

Buy Food

This is an excellent way to spend your money. There are farmers’ markets dotted around the country. Buying and cooking your food is better than eating out. Having more cash provides an incentive to eat better.

You will then be able to afford the healthy fruits and vegetables you need. If the money comes in periodically, it is even better. Imagine having 200 dollars find their way into your bank account every too often. This is one of the perks you enjoy when you make real cash on the side, plus you have money to contribute to everyday purchases and your monthly expenses.

How to Make $200 Fast

In this section, we will be looking at how to make 200 dollars fast. As already highlighted in the introductions, we will discuss ways to make money online. While some online jobs may not pay out the same day, many of these ideas can still be implemented if you want to make 200 dollars in one day. In any case, below are some great options and tips for making 200 dollars fast.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

In this discussion on how to make 200 dollars fast, the first suggestion is to become a virtual assistant. Some people need assistants to schedule calls, meetings, and the like. Even more so, one great thing is that you can offer these services virtually, with no need to meet face-to-face with your employer.

You could meet a generous employer willing to pay you maybe 200 dollars in one day. However, what is certain is that your bank account will be better for it when you take up this gig.

Consider Ridesharing Companies Like Uber or Lyft


Ridesharing services are becoming quite popular these days. This gives you an authentic route to making money in your spare time. For most of these companies, such as Uber or Lyft, there are a few requirements you must meet. It would be best if you had some experience driving, and your car must be in good condition.

If you haven’t renewed your license, you ought to do that. Furthermore, you may want to take your car to a shop to ensure it is in peak condition. You can also rent out your car to these companies.

Again, this is easy. You would need to sign up on their app, put up your car, and have them evaluate the vehicle to ensure it meets their standards. Once it does, they would use your use for their services, and you get paid for your trouble.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

To make 200 dollars fast, freelance writing is one route to explore. The great thing is that it is so much you can do with excellent writing skills. You can sign up on a freelance app and get paid good money for writing for clients.

Alternatively, you could go into blogging, writing for others, or yourself. When blogging, you may even branch off into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to advertising for others on your blog posts. You insert affiliate links relating to another person’s product and services.

Once your readers click on the link and make purchases, you get some money too. As you can see, that is one way to make 200 dollars fast. Finally, you could even become an author. If your expertise is in niche areas like the stock market, you stand to make a lot of money just by engaging your passion.

Create an Online Course

Online Course

If you’d like to know how to make money on the side, this is one of the best ways to go about it. You can create an online course and have people pay to take the course. It is one of those endeavors you can go into with your friend. You two can develop the course outline, create a website and make extra money simply by having people take the courses.

Complete Surveys

Online Surveys

Filling out surveys for an online survey company is one of the ways to make 200 dollars daily. Survey sites are looking for people to test their products and services. You can earn extra cash by signing up with any of these survey apps or survey company websites, and there are plenty of options, such as Survey Club, Zap Surveys, and Survey Junkie.

With some of the highest-paying survey sites, you are automatically eligible for a sign-up bonus once you register. As you finish the surveys online, you get paid depending on how many you can complete on the site. Paid surveys are straightforward to get into.

As pointed out earlier, you can make as much as 200 dollars in one day simply by answering some questions honestly on a survey site. Before you begin the surveys, you must adhere to strict privacy policy guidelines. However, it is nothing too strenuous; alternatively, you can join focus groups and get paid.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

You can also make some extra cash from pet sitting. This will not seem like a chore if you are a pet lover. More so, the extra money would certainly not hurt your savings account. If you decide to go into it full-time, you could make up to 200 dollars in one day simply by looking after other people’s pets.

Become a Photographer


Engaging your photography skills is one way to make money quickly. Yes, with it, it is even possible to make 200 dollars in one day. It is not stressful, offers a route to augment your income, and does not interfere with your regular job. You can generate photo ideas as part of the services that you offer. You will get some extra cash that way too. Photography is one of the surest ways to make cash fast.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You could also become a social media manager. It would be best if you had social media savviness and familiarity with some advertising and affiliate marketing tools. It might be hard to make 200 dollars a day following this route. However, you will surely come pretty close.

Rent Out Your Place

Rent your place

Renting out your place might be an excellent idea to make 200 dollars fast. If you are going on a vacation or for an extended job trip, you can rent your place with sites like Airbnb. Instead of having your home unoccupied, you can make some money from it.

You will also benefit from having people take care of your home while you are away. They can keep up with services such as electricity, cleaning, laundry, etc. However, you should ensure that you genuinely know anyone you allow into your home. People can be evil and downright sleazy. It would be best if you did not compromise your safety while looking to make 200 dollars in a day.

You could also rent out your storage space. If your basement is lying unoccupied, or even your garage. You can make money fast by renting out that space. People will store their properties in your area, and you get paid for that. You can advertise the vacant spaces online, which is a great way to make money online.

If you don’t have a space to rent out, you can consider selling real estate or re-selling real estate. You can re-invest the money you make in real estate investment products on apps like Fundrise. Real estate investing, whether single-family rental properties or small or large-scale real estate, always yields profits.

Other Options

  • Deliver Groceries: You can buy and deliver food for people using apps like DashDoor. You will save your clients all the hassle of going grocery shopping themselves. If you make more than two deliveries daily, you can make $200.
  • Watch Videos, Play Games, and Shop Online: Some sites give real cash prizes for watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. If you download Ibotta free app and buy from them daily, you will get cash rewards. You can also visit a legit rewards site like Swagbucks where you can watch fun videos and get free money. Game apps like Mistplay give free gift cards for playing games and you can also cash out using PayPal.
  • Play Trivia: You can start winning cash daily by playing trivia online using a free trivia app. If you are good with card games like Solitaire Cube, you can deposit money to enter cash tournaments against other players. Cash outs from these apps are done using a PayPal account, and you will have no problem depositing money into your bank account.
  • Sell on Facebook Marketplace: You can sell some of your items on Facebook Marketplace. It doesn’t take much to start selling on this platform. However, ensure you have quality products and an active Facebook account.

Conclusion: Making 200 Dollars Fast

It is possible to become an expert at making 200 dollars fast. However, you must realize that you must be smart to make extra money in today’s economy. There are different ways to make extra money, but you have to know how to make enough money to get by. In this article, we’ve shown you all you can do and get paid for your efforts. Regarding how to make 200 dollars fast, the ideas here are some of the best you could find anywhere.

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