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Side Hustles for Nurses

It’s true, nursing is one of those exceptional career fields that offer great wages, flexible scheduling, and can be rewarding because they are literally helping people every minute they are on duty. 

Even the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that nursing is a field that is growing quickly, due to an increasing demand for nurses. This means you can likely find a job as a nurse anywhere on the planet. You may even have negotiating abilities, depending on how high of a demand in your area.

So, why would a nurse need a side job?

Nurse Side Jobs

I asked the same question. The answers I got from research and from a few friends who are nurses with side jobs make total sense. Some nurses get bored with their everyday job and want to challenge themselves in other areas.

Some nurses still have debt from getting an education and work side hustles to pay off the debt. Other reasons include the desire to be an entrepreneur, extra money for vacations or kid’s activities, and for some, nursing is just a j.o.b. and not their passion. On the side, they follow their passion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.

First-Aid/CPR Instructor

You’ve already got the knowledge, skills and experience in providing first aid and cpr. You have a ton of on-the-job references you can draw from to teach these skills to others. And becoming an instructor is easy.

Wondering where to start? Get certified. Some choose to do this through the Red Cross, some through the American Heart Association, and others work with local agencies like the Fire Department. 

You may choose to teach and certify students, or you may choose to train the trainers. Both are rewarding.

Red Cross Certification- Nurse Side Hustles
AHA Certification - Nurse Side Hustles

The Low-Down on Being a First Aid/CPR Instructor:

Potential Pay: Average is $29/hour

Pro: As a First Aid/ CPR Instructor, you are in control of when, where and how often you teach a course.

Con: Depending on where you live, like in remote and rural areas, you may only have a few courses a month to take on, limiting how much money you can earn.

Freelance Writing for Healthcare

If you love to write, fiction or non-fiction, you can choose from many freelance writing opportunities. You can write fiction novels using healthcare settings, plots and characters. Publish your work as an eBook on Amazon.

You can also start a healthcare blog for patients or staff in which you answer questions posed by your readers. You can submit articles and blog posts to other healthcare websites or start a blog for your current employer.

I recently read an online article about a nurse who turned her blogging side job into a $2,000,000 business.  Yes, that’s six zeroes.

If you like to write curriculum, you can use your writing skills to create or update educational materials in the healthcare industry.

Writer- Nurse Side Hustles

As you grow in your writing skills, you may consider becoming an affiliate marketer. With this side gig, you find creative ways to promote products, then receive a commission is your readers click on the link to the product you promote.

Affiliate marketing is providing great income for many choosing it as a side income. There are some leaders in the industry offering great information on how to get started.

Affiliate Marketing for Nurses

The low-down on Freelance Writing?

Potential Pay: Varies per job. Writers can earn between $50 and $150 an article when hired by another company. There are bloggers who are earning between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Your pay will depend on your efforts, talents, and desires.

Pro: You can write from home, on a beach, or from a ski resort. Freelance writing is very flexible.

Con: It takes time to build a following and marketing is a key component of building your platform.

Telehealth Nurse

If you want to work from home but stay in the medical field, telehealth nursing may be the perfect choice. A telehealth nurse can be of great help to patients who have issues during non-office hours, or for those who have difficulty traveling but want answers regarding their health.

Telehealth nurses are often hired by insurance companies. Duties include checking with patients about vital signs such as oxygen levels, blood pressure, blood sugars, medication issues and much more.

You can serve as a coach to patients who need encouragement to take better care of their health.

Telehealth- Nurse Side Hustles

The low-down on Telehealth Nursing:

Potential Pay:  Average is $28/ hour

Pro: You can work from home, with flexible hours. You are also helping patients who need care.

Con: Reimbursement can be inconsistent, depending on the company for which you work.

Adjunct Professor

Your local community college likely has a degree program focusing on the healthcare industry. They are also looking for professors to teach courses. If you have the right education, usually a master’s degree, you can teach courses for extra money.

Teaching gives you the opportunity to help up and coming nurses learn the necessary components of being great in their field. As an adjunct you can teach one or two classes each week. The interaction with excited students can be very refreshing.

You may even choose to teach online nursing classes, allowing you to work from home.

Professor- Nurse Side Hustles

The Low-Down on Teaching:

Pay Potential: Can vary by school but average is around $3000 per class

Pro: It can be exciting and rewarding to train future nurses.

Con: The college sets your class schedule which can sometimes interfere with your work schedule. However, colleges are willing to work with professors.

Start Your Own Small Business

Do your own thing. And it doesn’t have to be related to healthcare at all. If you love crafting, create products and sell them on Etsy online. If you like fitness, start a personal training service. If you are passionate about holistic medicine, open a side business providing these services.

If you can sew, make the cutest scrubs ever and start selling them to your co-workers.

Entrepreneur- Nurse Side Hustles

The business you start on the side should be related to your passion. Start it for the right reasons and the money will follow. Think of it first as an outlet for your creativity. Then monetize it.

Entrepreneurship is popular today, with many people finding success and happiness. To help you find your niche in the business world, and to gain insight into how to start your business the right way, listen to podcasts and read books from those who have done it right.

Business Class - Nurse Side Hustles

The Low-Down on Entrepreneurship:

Potential Pay:  Based on how much you want to make, the efforts you can make in building a customer base, what you are selling, and the amount of time you can spend working your side job.

Pro: You can explore your passions and participate in activities that make you happy.

Con: It can take time to build a customer base.

Marketing - Nurse Side Hustles

Work Overtime

Okay, so this is not a new thing. Working overtime has been around for ages. But you can make overtime something to look forward to by choosing to work overtime in a completely different area of nursing.

If you normally work in the emergency room, work overtime on the neo-natal unit. If your day job is spent in the laboratory, work overtime as an administrator. You get the picture. Choose an area of nursing you find interesting and try it. You can always switch to a different area if you don’t like it.

Some hospitals have web-based systems that allow you to sign up for overtime opportunities.

The Low-Down on Working Overtime:

Potential Pay: On the lower side, an average of about $30 an hour. However, many overtime jobs pay time and a half.

Pro: You can start working overtime today and start earning great money right away. Plus, you know how to do the job well.

Con: You will be doing the same thing you do in your day job and may get bored or restless.

Start A Podcast

If you research podcasts in the healthcare industry, you will find a lot of them out there. People are talking about everything from diet and nutrition to cancer and death. Sounds morbid and it is, but if it can happen, people are talking about it. 

Starting a podcast can be quite profitable if you find a niche that interests people enough to follow you regularly. The more followers you get, the more advertisers and sponsors you can get. 

When choosing a topic, choose to discuss what you know, what you are passionate about, and what you think will help your listeners.

Podcast - Nurse Side Hustles

The Low-Down on Starting a Podcast:

Potential Pay: Most podcasts depend on advertisements and sponsors who pay you once you build up a large following. The more people following your podcast, the more you get paid for ads.

Pro: You have your own show, on a topic you want to focus on, and you are in control of the how, when, and where you produce content for the podcast. You can even start your podcast on Anchor for FREE.

Anchor Podcast - Nurse Side Hustles
Anchor Platform - Nurse Side Hustles
Anchor - Nurse Side Hustles

Con: It can take time to build up a large following but if you have an interesting topic and delivery, people will jump on board.

Spa Technician

I know, just hearing the word spa ignites your imagination. You picture yourself relaxed and being rubbed by super-hero hands that eliminate all the stress in your body.

But in talking about side jobs, a spa technician has much more meaning. They are responsibility for providing treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments to patients suffering from problems on their body.

Procedures like these require the expertise of a nursing professional in order to provide quality service to patients.

Spa Technician - Nurse Side Hustles

The Low-Down on Being a Spa Technician:

Pro: You have options in where you work as a spa technician, from doctor’s offices to salons. And you get to make people feel good about themselves.

Con: Your schedule may need to be set up based on when your clients can meet, like after they get off work, making it less flexible for you.

These are just a few of the side jobs in which nurses can make extra money. There are many more, especially in the medical field. Check these out:

  • Correctional nursing- for those wanting to help inmates with their medical health
  • Home health nursing- for those who want to work with patients in their natural environment
  • Community clinics- for those who may be interested in providing services like giving immunizations and flu shots
  • Nursing homes- for those who enjoy working with the elderly
  • Insurance exams – for those who can gather information from patients to verify if they qualify for insurance benefits
  • Medical transcribing- for those who want to work from home
  • Sell Medical products online through your own website or eBay- who enjoy selling
  • Pick up Per Diem Shifts- for those who just want to work extra shifts
  • Medical coding- for those good at working with diagnoses
  • Wound care nurse, online or on site- for those with a wound care certification
  • Phlebotomy worker- for those who don’t mind working with needles
  • Legal nurse consultant- for those who know the law and can assist attorneys
  • Nurse advocate- for those who want to help patients understand every aspect of their care
  • Clinical researcher- for those who like to run clinical trials and collect data
  • Medical equipment sales rep- for those who want to sell products to physicians

Don’t let these ideas restrict your options. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. To help you figure out your perfect side hustle, follow the steps below. They helped me and I know they can help you too.

Step 1: Make a list of your natural talents.

Step 2: Narrow that list by choosing the top two you enjoy the most.

Step 3: Of those two, determine which one is the most flexible.

Step 4: Of those two, determine which one pays good money.

Step 5: Of those two, determine which one has a higher demand.

Step 6: Research the market and start putting together a business plan.

You can start today creating your plan of action for a side job that compliments your nursing career. Consider the information I’ve provided here. Further your research once you decide on a specific area. Then, go for it!


Kevin is an ambitious entrepreneur that is obsessed with all things related to finance. From a young age, Kevin has always been involved with side hustles ranging from online selling to freelance work. Over the years, Kevin graduated from side hustles and started launching multiple online and offline businesses. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who loves starting new businesses and exploring all things related to business and finance. He is constantly looking for new ways to save money, invest money, and create income streams.

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