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Side Jobs For Single Moms

Right now, there are close to 11 million single moms raising over 20 million kids all by themselves. This statistic made me want to know more. I found out I was wrong in a lot of my thoughts. For instance, I thought single mom income would simply be half of what a two-parent income would be. Wrong.

Most single moms make ¼ of what two-parent families earn.

I also didn’t realize there are so many dead-beat dads out there. It’s embarrassing. According to the National Child Support Report, $39 Billion (with a B) dollars is owed in back child support to 29 million children of single moms.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 78% of all single-parent women are employed and 45% of all single-parent women hold down more than one job. 

Well, duh. I mean, if they are making less and not receiving child support, they must work one or two or more jobs. They need the money.

Because I know parenting can be a difficult job all by itself, I wanted to put together a list of side jobs that can make a lot of money but also allow you to keep your family as a priority. 

Let’s start with the first idea for extra income, handywoman.

Side Jobs for Single Moms


Become a Handyman

I chose the side job of plumbing because as a single mom, you are likely already fixing stuff in your home. You’ve pulled toys from your toilet, unclogged drains in your sink and shower, and you can paint and hang pictures.

As a side job, handywomen can make $50 an hour. And you are in control of the jobs you take. If you aren’t confident laying tile in someone’s bathroom, you don’t have to. You can choose to take the small jobs that take little time but are easy for you to finish.

You can work on small repair jobs outside of your regular job.

Your customer base can include other single moms, single dads, and the elderly to start. These groups would likely be happy to hire you to do the tasks they cannot do or don’t have the time to do. Your fee will always cost them less than it would if they hired a bigger construction company to do a small job.

Believe it or not, many bigger construction companies turn down small jobs. It’s not worth their time. This means there is a lot of opportunity for your side job to thrive.

You must check with your state regarding the requirements of certifications. Most states allow you to work as a handyman without a license if you earn below a certain amount of money.

If you do need training, you can check out online handyman training schools and associations.

handyman training for single moms

All states will require you to obtain liability insurance and register your business with the government.

Make sure you purchase the right insurance for your handyman goals. For instance, you don’t want to buy contractor insurance when you are going to be doing quick jobs for your neighbors.

handyman insurance

Handywoman jobs may lead you to think about becoming a home inspector.

Home Inspector

home inspector

Home inspectors typically earn between $400 and $500 per inspection. 

When someone is selling or buying a house, a home inspection is often requested either by the buyer or by the bank lending them money. The home inspection helps buyers figure costs that may appear due to needed home repairs the homeowner may not have known about or disclosed.

It would be your job to inspect a home to make sure everything is built up to code, and if there are any hazards or structural damage that will need to be repaired.

You will need to inspect the interior and exterior of the home, any buildings on the property such as sheds or detached garages, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. You will check everything from the roof to the foundation to give an accurate description of the residence.

A home inspection is something you can do after regular work hours or on the weekends.

To become a home inspector, certification or licensure is required and depending on your state, may require a few training courses. But with the earning potential within the industry, it is well worth the process.

home inspector certification

Another lucrative side job within the same industry is locksmithing.

Lock Smith


Every time you pass a home, apartments, townhomes, commercial businesses, and hotels, think about all the doors in that building that require locks with keys.

As a locksmith, you can earn $100 an hour. Because you can earn a Locksmith certificate for less than $1000, you could recoup your investment with just ten locksmithing jobs.

Locksmithing jobs include helping people get into their cars when they have locked themselves out. You can also help people open safes when combinations are lost. 

Most of your jobs can come from families, landlords, building contractors and realtors who need simple jobs in a short period.

To become a locksmith, you can complete an online program, like the one at Penn Foster. The course is self-paced, allowing you to complete assignments as they fit into your schedule. And you can have your certificate in as little as two months.

locksmith training for single moms
locksmith tuition

Drone Pilot

drone pilot side hustle

Drones are becoming a huge business. Farmers are hiring them to check crops. Brides are hiring them to take aerial wedding photos. Some people even hire drones to deliver packages. Real estate agents are using drones to take 3D images that can help them sell a home.

Your official job would be called a drone pilot. As a drone pilot, your fees will vary based on each job. But for many, $200 is their base fee and it goes up from there.

This job sounds so cool. I mean, your kids can go to school and tell their friends you are a drone pilot. Better yet, you can take the drone to the school for in-person demonstrations.

Becoming a drone pilot is a lot easier than you may think. You will have to pay around $150 for a license and complete courses created and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You can take the courses at an approved FAA testing center.

The FAA provides detailed instructions on how to become a remote drone pilot on its website. They break the process down into three steps. First, Learn the rules. Second, get certified and third, register your drone with the FAA.

drone pilot regulations
FAA regulations
drone registration


sitting side hustle

While getting paid to just sit sounds awesome, this is not what it means. Sitting, in this case, means overseeing something important for another person while they are away. Pet sitting, babysitting, house sitting, and even farm sitting are some of the most popular sitting jobs.

Pet sitting is when you will either watch someone’s pet, no matter what type of pet it is, and ensure it is being fed, watered, and cared for while its owners are away. This is true for babysitting also, only the baby is much more valuable than a pet.

For this reason, some babysitters choose to get certified in CPR and First Aid. You can easily obtain these certificates at your local Red Cross or through the American Heart Association, which offers a pediatric-specific heart saver course. 

cpr certification
cpr course

If those aren’t available, check with your local hospital for upcoming training.

When house sitting, some will prefer you to stay at their house while they are away. This can turn into a nice getaway for you and your child, even if you are house sitting down the street. House sitting keeps the home active while the homeowners are away, with the hopes of deterring any potential thieves.

The same is true for farm sitting. However, you will likely be expected to feed the farm animals, which can be a little messier than pet sitting. So be sure and have a good pair of boots and get help from your kids. Farm sitting can be both fun and educational for you and your child.

Rent Property

property rental side hustle

If by some chance you have extra property lying around, find a way to rent it out. Even if it is land with no home, it can be rented.

Wooded land with wildlife can be leased to hunters. Open farmland can be leased to hay or crop farmers. Land with barns can be leased for wedding events and parties. Land with homes can be rented to tenants.

Air BnB is quite popular these days. Many are seeing great financial rewards by renting out their property, whether it be one room or a whole house.

If you don’t have property, don’t invest in the property unless you can pay cash. Going into debt to try and make an income will only become a bigger burden. Believe me, I’ve learned the hard way. Debt is bad.

This doesn’t mean give up, however. If you don’t have property, someone you know or don’t know may have something ready for rent. They need you to manage their property and they are willing to split the profits with you for keeping their property rented.

It becomes a side income for both of you.

Not all states require certification for those who manage properties. But you can check out programs like the Community Association Managers International Certification Board for ways to become certified. Having a certificate certainly sets you apart from the competition.

property mangement

Obviously, these are just a few of the hundreds of side job options for single moms. 

To find the best side job for you, one that works to benefit the needs of your family, take time to think it through. Do your research, get feedback from those already in the industry and then decide on a side job.

Also, base your side job on your natural talents. Doing something that comes naturally will make the job feel more like a fun hobby. 

Some other ideas I think could be interesting for single moms include:

Meal Prepper

If you have cooking skills, then you can make money at any time. All those busy people you know would probably love to purchase a casserole or two to help them spend less time cooking during the week.

You cook it, freeze, and deliver it to the customer. You can expand this to include full meals, including desserts.

Think about the amount of money people spend eating out. You will be saving people money and giving families more time to spend together. The healthier meals you can create, the better.

Rent Equipment

If you have the equipment, you can rent it to people who can’t afford to buy it. You can rent anything from a sewing machine to a lawnmower. Take inventory of the items you have around your house you can start renting today.

If you want to purchase equipment to rent, do so with cash. As mentioned before, debt causes stress and you don’t want to be paying on a piece of equipment broken by a customer.

Plus, the less debt you have, the more money goes into your pocket.

Online Juror

Attorneys are clever these days and to practice for big trials, they hire mock jurors to see how you would vote, based on the evidence they present. You can get paid for this. Crazy, right?

ejury side hustle
jury side job

The key to finding the best side job for you as a single mom is to get creative. Solve a problem for people, even if they don’t know they have a problem. Keep your family as a priority. Meaning, never let a side job interfere with family plans or relationships.

Think outside the “I’m a girl” box. You can do many jobs a man can do. And if you can’t, you can be the owner of a business that hires a man to do the job.

Start brainstorming today on side jobs where you can show off your talent, have fun, and make bank. Show your ex what they are missing. Show your child how to be successful despite hardship. Show yourself you are a Rockstar because you are.


Kevin is an ambitious entrepreneur that is obsessed with all things related to finance. From a young age, Kevin has always been involved with side hustles ranging from online selling to freelance work. Over the years, Kevin graduated from side hustles and started launching multiple online and offline businesses. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who loves starting new businesses and exploring all things related to business and finance. He is constantly looking for new ways to save money, invest money, and create income streams.

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